Saturday, 22 August 2009

Bad news...always bad news!

Have you noticed that the news and the newspapers are always full of bad news. Some days I can turn page after page of my daily and all that stares out at me bleakly are bad news stories. Everywhere we look we are under an assault from the government.
They never create good news. Well there was that one chink when Lord Mandelsson had to be admitted to a hospital but then I'm sure he will recover.

Day after day our boys are being killed or wounded in Afghanistan. We don't even know why they are there because the reasons keep changing but there is no obvious exit strategy and the lack of mine clearing equipment is costing us dear.

Then we have that amazing mess which ended with the Lockerbie bomber being released where he was immediately greeted as a hero back in Libya. It was shudderingly distasteful but at least it let the rest of the world, including the Americans, see just what a total bunch of cretins are running this country. If Brown and Mandelsson think that we believe the rubbish about this being a 'Scottish' decision then they take us all for fools. The problem is that we are all fools for putting up with them.

The banks are still robbing us blind, the police continue their war on the motorist whilst the thug reigns unopposed in most areas (particularyly if they are of the roving Irish variety.

The local councils continue to terrorise the very people that they should be serving. Last Thursday my local town always hosts a market, it has been established something like eight hundred years but in the year 2009 the town was teeming with the traffic Taliban. We had ticket wardens everywhere hovering and hoping that the laden shopper would return to their vehicle seconds too late. It is so blatant that it is nauseating.

The 'A' level results arrived as usual and as usual they were record breaking! This con trick perpetrated on our children has so devalued their education that it is monstrous that any government should be allowed to continue to act in this manner. The kids think that their only real path to success is the university route but the really clever ones are turning their backs on the universities, the debts that go with them and they are learning trades.

Pubs are closing, shops are closing, people continue to lose jobs and the welfare bill contiues to rise enormously. In the meantime in this huge crisis the girner in chief is enjoying his holidays. At least he is happy. After all in less than a year he could be out of the mess that he has created and be off to Europe for his ultimate pay off. The rest of us will still be on Planet Earth trying to get by.

Oh well at least my team won today! Anyone seen Oliver Cromwell?

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