Monday, 24 August 2009

Chickens at last coming home to roost!

Oh what a tangled web we weave! There is little doubt that our current government is without doubt the most duplicitous that we have ever elected (or not) as the case may be. They have engineered support of the Lisbon Treaty without public consent. They continue to allow mass immigration without public consent. Everything that they do is dipped in poison so that hardly anyone of neutral employment status will ever vote for them ever again.

So they believe that they are invincible, that they can cover up, con and confuse, they can bully, bullshit and bend the rules until one day they overstep the mark. The monstrous triumvirate of Blair, Brown and Mandelsson who have all made a packet from their shenanigans appear to have made a fatal mistake. They trusted Colonel Ghaddafi!

They thought that if the Lockerbie bomber, Megrahi, was released quietly and slipped silently back into Tripoli that everyone would soon forget and then they could continue their energy talks. The problem is that Ghaddafi had no intention of allowing such a significant coup to pass by without celebration. He therefore organised the largest welcome homecoming possible which included the waving of Scottish Saltires and then publicly thanked Brown, Blair and Prince Andrew. No mention of Kenny McCaskill you may note!

It is now in print that it was the British government who negotiated with Ghaddafi for the release of the Lockerbie bomber Megrahi. The Libyans are saying that every business discussion held in recent times has had the release of the Lockerbie bomber on the table. His release was apparently the precursor to any discussions on energy.

NoLab in turn engineered for the SNP to release Megrahi and stood back to watch the fireworks. Unfortunately they forgot one small detail...Colonel Ghaddafi does not give a tuppenny damn for the reputation of Gordon Brown, Tony Blair or the Scottish people. He holds all the aces or should I say the oil and gas so the very minute his man Megrahi is released he sticks two fingers up and humiliates them all.

The right wing mainstream media are now all in hot pursuit of those members of NoLab who are guilty of this calumny. The Americans are quite rightly horrified and I suspect that Gordon Brown will not be welcome in the court of King Obama for some time.

Finally I find it quite predictable that the Scottish Labour Party have jumped on the bandwagon and are attacking the SNP for the decision to release Megrahi when it was their colleagues in London who engineered it all. What on earth were Salmond and McCaskill thinking of when they agreed to this NoLab plot? Were they asleep?

Gordon where are you? What is your pronouncement now that we can all see what you did? Speak to us Gordon and don't forget to girn will you!

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