Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Ashes v the World Athletics Champs

Well we eventually did it... we stuffed the Aussies at a game which so few people play. It was great theatre...Freddie ran out their talisman Ricky Ponting just at a time that we were beginning to falter. I have been a sports fan for all of my life but somehow I cannot get excited about this victory.

The Aussies have lost all of their superstars in a few years (Ponting excepted). Our cricket team is stuffed full of people who learned their cricket in far flung lands. How many of them were actually bred and born in England? Food for thought!

Now on telly at the same time was the Worlds Athletics Championships. I watched two sessions of the worst coverage of the Worlds Marathon championships that I have ever seen. It must have been some kind of German joke but it wasn't funny. However I digress...because we gained six medals at these championships. That is six medals against the very best in the world.

Jessica Ennis and Philips Oduwu beat every other person on the planet. Jenny Meadows and Lisa Dobrisky were beaten by just one/two people and our relay squads also excelled. What is the value of their medals when tomorrow in the popular press it will be all about Freddie and the boys?

Sorry I think this is all about values...well done the lads at the Oval but hell it cannot compare with what the lads and lassies did in Berlin.

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