Sunday, 16 August 2009

Is it worth it...?

The other morning I heard Andrew Castle of ITV ask the most crass question of the year. Facing a military member who had survived a triple amputation and despite that was displaying an amazingly positive attitude the erodite Castle asked. "Was it worth the sacrifice"? The silence from the other end was priceless! Silence! How do you answer a prat like that?

That is now the question which faces us all with regard to Afghanistan. Daily the
body count total grows and this discredited and disorganised government continues to attempt to convince us it is all worthwhile. If they had a grip on our borders then our boys/girls would not be dying so regularly everyday, every week, every goddam news report.

The problem is that nobody believes anything that Gordon Brown/Peter Mandelsson utter. If their lips move then they are lying. When we have so little (no) reliance on the integrity of the government how can we believe them on the their stance regarding Afghanistan. Our soldiers are dying in a foreign land and for what?

Our Political Class, it matters what which persuasion, have no integrity left. How can they try to persuade us that our sons and daughters have been killed or maimed so that some Afghan warlord who is (today) pro western can win a dodgy election.

This is unfortunately a war which we have been dragged into and our armed forces are paying a terrible price. We are losing the cream of the crop. Is there an end game? Has this abject government got a plan to end this war? Think on... did you see Bob Ainsworth on BBC today? That is the man in charge of our war effort amd frankly he is barely literate.

Can you imagine... we need a boss for war... must be a socialist...Gordon and Mandy must like him.. does not need experience... Coventry shop steward preferable!

Sorry but the sacrifice is not worth it, never has been and I would hate to be the parent/wife/partner of anyone who has gallantly given their life for this NoLab project. They are valiant but enough is enough... we cannot win a war where the minds hate us.

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