Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Child Poverty

Well is that not predictable, that in cities like Leicester and Nottingham child poverty rates are sky high! Here we have of course the most vulnerable communities in our society probably outside of London. For example nowhere has the multicultural experiment been more embraced that in these two East Midlands cities.

The NoLab socialist approach to multiculturalism, education for the masses and state intervention in all cases has led to many, many families dropping below the poverty line. These communities are largely dependent on NoLab for their future which of course is nil just as long as the Political Class continue their experimentation.

Child poverty should not exist anywhere in our country. It only exists because our current government is useless and our future government will also be useless. Child poverty in Britain is an indictment on every politician in our country. Child Poverty ...are you really joking? We have a tax bill which should ensure that every child in our country is provided for many times over but billions are regularly being allocated to provide for children from many other countries.

It is little surprise that amongst the lower echelons of society that the BNP will make inroads. At least the BNP have a programme for the future. They have to appeal to the indiginous population and if you forget the rhetoric of the controlled press then they represent what so many of us want.

Child poverty in Britain could never happen under the BNP.

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