Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Muslim kills British woman ... so what?

I am afraid that it is now happening almost on a daily basis. Cowards are committing the most awful crimes and are being handed derisory sentences. The guys who killed an innocent woman crossing the road were racing and had reached speeds twice the speed limit.

They then, of course, left her dying in the road and disappeared without giving her a second thought. They of course revealed no compassion, no care, no interest in the condition of their victim who they had in effect, murdered.

What a group of callous brutes! They should surely have been taught a mighty lesson, something like 15 years each, banned from driving for life...burned at the stake!! But no this is England in 2009 where nobody ever gets punished unless they are white, middle class, tax paying, law abiding citizens who prevously have no known form.

What did they get? The driver got three years and his passengers got scot free. Can you just imagine if the lady who was killed was a member of your family? How do they feel to discover that the person that they loved and cherished was not worth a light.

The government and the judiciary are continuously signalling that we, the public, are worthless. We do not matter. We vote but it matters not a jot. There are forces at large which have reduced this country to a fascist state. Fascist/Communist give it a name but is it not about time that we redefined the term democracy in this country.

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