Sunday, 16 August 2009

Daniel Hannan or Alan Duncan

It has been very difficult since David Cameron sprang a surprise on the Tory Party to beat David Davis to the leadership to actually pin him down. He is a very smooth character but it is extremely difficult to get him to commit to anything. I have always suspected that when he gets voted into power and he will, unless there is a seismic shift in the attitide of the electorate, then all we will get is more of the same.

I have always thought of him as the Tory Tony Blair all smiles, casually relaxed but behind the shine is a keen political brain and I don't think the public would like what they would see if he was cut open.

However suddenly he has slipped up. In the past few days two of his prominent Tory members have upset the apple cart. Firstly as I have already stated Alan Duncan made a bit of a prat of himself but then across the Atlantic, Daniel Hannan who up until a few months ago was almost unknown, criticised the NHS live on American telly.

Now Daniel Hannan is well know for terrorising Gordon Brown on the floor of the European Parliament in a belter of a speech which flashed around the world on U Tube. Now he criticises the NHS the 'holy cow' of the political classes because it employs many of their mates, pays them huge sums out of the public purse for doing nothing and despite major efforts to clean it up kills far, far too many of its patients.

Of course it is unmanageble and monolithic and it would take radical thinking to modernise it. These Westmonster parties do not do 'radical'.

Now I wondered who Mr Cameron would support now that he was being outflanked by his members and it didn't surprise me one jot that Duncan got the vote and Hannan was described as 'eccentric'. Daniel Hannan had one shot at bringing Brown to his knees and he did it in three minutes. Cameron has many, many opportunities and week after week he allows Brown to wriggle free.

I suspect that the Tory party under Cameron is a 'lie' so perhaps some of them should take a good look at the effect that Daniel Hannan has had on the public and join him. It is nice to hear someone speak the truth even if it does make them 'eccentric'!

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