Thursday, 13 August 2009

Alan Duncan MP

I bet that at the moment Alan Duncan is about as popular as a sexual disease in the corridors of Westmonster. Just when the outcry had quietened, the MPs were off on their publicly funded jollies, the heat was dying and so many, who should have been ditched, were beginning to peak above the parapet again along comes little Alan.

In an ill conceived interview with a bloke who had already dug up Alan's lawn to protest about MPs expenses he babelled on about rationing and bemonaed that MPs were being treated so badly. His comments were ridiculous but they were more harmful to his colleagues because it proved that many of them still believe that the theft they committed from the public purse was their right.

They are not sorry. They are mad that they have been caught out. David Cameron proved it today because he refused to get rid of the idiot and why...he is not an insignificant backbencher. That is the criteria amongst these politicians because some of the worst offenders still reside in the cabinet. It only proves one thing that none of them can be trusted.

Nothing significant has been done to change the system by which they almost all plundered the state purse. We must slaughter them when (if) we are allowed an election next year. I wonder what the British public would do if Gordon came on television, flashed his most sincere smile, and announced that because of security reasons he would not hold another election and that him and David and Nick Clegg were going to form a government of all the parties!

I don't put anything past Gordon Brown. I will bet that he and Mandy have an exit strategy worked out already. They will not lose power gracefully that is for sure.

We must find a new honest party with the stated aim of dragging the country back so that the public are well served. We must find a pathway to some good news. We have a plethora of minor parties all of whom cut their own throats. Someone must unite the anti European groups which would be a good start. Then we could begin to plan for a strategy which would monitor government spending and try to repair the damage done by so many poiticians from the main parties.

From there...well it is nice to dream...but we are still a democracy and we could do it if we found the right people.

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