Monday, 10 August 2009

Hazel Blears

Is he really surprised that her car was vandalised? I am just surprised that her ego allows her to appear amongst the working class. She was so lucky that it was only her car. She is a major part of an organisation which has conned, ignored, abused and reneged on the British working class.

Little 'Chipmunk' seems to believe that she is immune to the link to Brown, Blair and Mandelsson. She is as part of their abuse, the racket designed to keep the British working class in their place. She was very lucky today, which is probably why she was cowering in her car, because some of the others who think that they have a 'connection' with a public may fair far worse.

They have created this culture of fear and violence because of their ignorance and their inability to recognise that most of the public don't want their policies (what policies).

I have just visited, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal and nowhere did I find the Soviet style authoritisation that we face in this country. The police in this country have become an arm of the state and even us at a local level face the problem. The Meldrew family are about to become embroiled in a legal battle against Council harrassment.

Watch this space!

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