Sunday, 23 August 2009


The News of the World had a photograph today of a so-called BNP supporter urging a child to burn a gollywog on a fire. It was apparently taken on a BNP Family Day.
I have always taken the view that the white working class need representation ever since the Labour party deserted them but this was monstrously idiotic.

I am afraid that Nick Griffin has really got to stamp out this crass behaviour and frankly he doesn't seem to have the will to do it. I really thought that the message being sent out by the BNP was that they were becoming a broader church and that they were victims of the mainstream media. I could believe that. However, the photograph today has done irreparable damage.

To be fair the BNP website has distanced themselves from this action and are investigating the incident with a view to disciplinary action. Their stance is that it was a great day out and it was an isolated incident which very few people saw. The problem is that is not enough. That man should be paraded before the media after he has been thrown out of the party and nothing else will do.

The suspicion of racism has, for most people, been proven by one photograph. I am definitely not refuting that there are racists in the BNP. Every political party has problems with people who go, shall we say, off message, but the mainstream message from the BNP is an anti immigration stance.

Now don't get me wrong, because most of my generation abhor the mass immigration which has changed the character of large areas of our country by importing so many people of alien cultures. Yes I admit some of these people have settled well and are contributing to the economy. There is also the other side of immigration...the bad side.

The British people are either very stupid/complacent or very tolerant. We have 'welcomed' all of these people into our society and so many have taken advantage. We now must deal with organisations like the Muslim Council of Great Britain and the Black Police Officers Association when most of us don't understand why they have to exist. If you want to come here and contribute to our society then you are welcome but don't try to change us.

So that is it in a nutshell. The BNP have disappointed me greatly by being so stupid. They gave the News of the World a coup and they also made me think again. I await their response.

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