Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Today's Youth

I detect that the youth of today are beginning to realise that the Political Class have placed them in a position which puts them at a severe disadvantage. They have been encouraged to take up university places, to place themselves in heavy debt and expect jobs which would lead them into a career path. None of this has happened so we have got a generation of youngsters with degrees which are worthless.

They are now belatedly beginning to realise that the rosy future, the giggling social acceptance, their transparent university life has now disappeared.

Young people have always been the core of any revolutionary force. Our youngsters have been cushioned by our welfare system but they should wake up and face the fact that the European Union and NoLab and the Tories are killing their chances of a future.

At the present moment the government is printing money as fast as they can which is exactly what Robert Mugabe did! We all know what happened to Zimbabwe. Eventually the inflation led to nothing on the shelves. This is getting tougher and perhaps that might shake the kids out of their lethargy. Somewhere there is a new revolutionary leader... somewhere... somewhere...where are you?

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