Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Shock! Our contribution to the EU is increasing!

I have long blogged about the illegality of the European Union. It has been unable to pass an audit for close to 15 years because so much money cannot be accounted for. Despite this NoLab continues to pour taxpayer's money into it at an unprecedented rate. Next year will apparently cost us 6.4 billion pounds. This from a country with a huge national debt to furnish.

We have actually been invaded by a small cartel of European politicians without a shot being fired. Today they are called commissioners. in 1942 these commissioners could have had names like Hitler, Goebbels, and Mussollini. Today one of them is called Catherine Ashton and nobody has ever voted for her (she is ours by the way)!

Yes we do have MEPs like Nigel Farage the leader of UKIP who sits in Europe as an anti EU parliamentarian but who brags that he has claimed over 2 million pounds in expenses since we voted for him because he was anti EU. You will notice that between EU elections we never hear from Mr Farage. Are you getting the picture?

We the British public have been conned rotten. We are paying through the nose for an organisation which laughs at us because, as it increases membership, we pay more and more to encourage others to enter. There is also one final twist. It is being widely touted that Tony Blair will be the next President of the European Union.

Now I will look to the heavens and say "Winston Churchill why did you bother"?

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