Monday, 17 August 2009

Democracy NoLab Style

I used to be a real fan of the blog run by Guido Fawkes but he is almost becoming mainstream and so now I have swopped alliances to the 'Old Holborn' blog who is making giant strides to being one of the most incisive blogs in the country.

Today he emphasises that under the NoLab regime democracy has been sidelined. It has been so sidelined that today we have lost our moral compass. Our elected PM was actually Tony Blair but he did a deal with a guy who nobody would ever have elected and so Gordon Brown, unelected, strode into number Ten.

The problem was that he was, is, and always will be, useless and so the men in grey NoLab suits decided that the only person who could save them was Peter Mandelsson. Nobody will need reminding that this guy is poison! He had to be twice removed from office because he was and is untrustworthy. The only way they could shoehorn him into power was to ennoble him and so it was done.

You may also remember that our lone European Commissoner is one Catherine Ashton who I have previously blogged about. She is arguably our most powerful modern day politician and yet she is unknown and nobody has ever voted for her.

This is democracy NoLab style. Never mind the voter; we will bypass them to get what we want. Dear people that means your vote is worthless! Your vote is worthless at local elections because the local councillors have almost no power. Even at national level our MPs have no real power unless they are renegades and then they are punished for their temerity.

Everything is stitched up right across the board. The only way you can change it is to get behind people who are not part of the mainstream system (or march on the streets of course) and they are few and far between.

So does your vote count? Look at Brown, Mandelsson and Ashton and make your own decision. They have destroyed democracy in this country. Please do not vote for the mainstream Westmonster parties, anyone of them, find anyone else and PROTEST!

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