Thursday, 20 August 2009

Integrity and our Government

There comes a time when one seriously feels that this blog repreats itself serially. The problem is that the same questions keep returning serially. The government which I will serially repeat is the most corrupt, venal and destructive group of people that have ever had their hands on the tiller of the good ship 'United Kingdom'.

Today a Libyan murderer was released from jail. His crime was so heinous, so evil, so inexplicable that he should have been sent directly to any form of gallows available. Today he was released to spend what life he has left with his nearest and dearest, a luxury not allowed to the people who plunged to their death over Lockerbie.

We have all known for days that he would be released. Despite the anger of the United States (even Hillary Clinton) this deal had been done weeks ago. The only thing that this government is good at is double dealing. The minute that the Scottish Judiciary began to talk about the government of the UK being involved then we knew that the triumvirate of Brown/Mandelsson/Straw had been at work.

They did a deal with Libya and oil was involved! I am a simple and uninformed member of the public but we all know that anything duplicitous has the hand of that evil trio stamped all over it.

Integrity and New Labour are so diammetrically apart that it is painful to continue to report their abstinence from the truth. They are so bad that they could almost make the devil apply for a transfer to heaven! One day day...

PS He got a hero's welcome when he returned home. Yeah I hope that the 'boys' feel pleased with themselves! He could of course be on 'Strictly Come Dancing' this winter along with Ronnie Biggs!

Can you really believe how low we have sunk in the eyes of the world. We are the scum who will do anything for money and it is pervading our whole society.

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