Saturday, 29 August 2009

A Chink of Hope?

I have always had a sneaky admiration for Yorkshiremen because they speak as they find. They may be blunt, dour and financially 'careful' but they are not fools. They have a code of ethics, they don't like dishonesty and generally they care for their families. They are however, also stubborn by nature. Once they have decided what is right then it takes an awful lot to change their mind. Witness the miner's strike to see just how stubborn they can be.

For decades NoLab had its heartlands in the north and Yorkshire was part of their empire. Labour was the party of the working class and Yorkshiremen were working class. This is one of the reasons why I could not understand why NoLab was still polling votes in the north because ever since the emergence of Tony Blair NoLab have deserted the working class.

There was an article in the Daily Mail today which made me sit up because it might just be the start of something. Apparently out of disgust with the antics of the NoLab local councillors the voters in Doncaster elected a member of the English Democrats to the position of mayor.

Since then the policies of the Political Class have taken a battering. You see apparently, Peter Davies, has principles. He has awarded himself a pay cut. He also wants to cut the number of freeloaders, sorry councillors, down to a minimum. I was getting interested. Then he wants to untwin Doncaster from its twinning commitments and he has declared war on all the council non-jobs.

Mr Davies has also scrapped the mayoral limousine and ended the Council free newspaper. I was beginning to beam but I almost broke into applause when I read that he had also scrapped the funding for Doncaster's Gay Pride event. Typically he reasoned that public money should not be used to celebrate anyone's sexuality.

He does not support the green issues and is not conned by the global warming lobby. Even better he has banned the cult of diversity because he believes that it is divisive.

He has to provide sites for Romany travellers because it is a government edict but he wants to monitor them for Council Tax payment and check their entitlement to benefits. It is just as if Mr Davies has unfurled the long forgotten flag of democracy and is flying it high over Doncaster Town Hall. He is railing against all the trends adopted by the Political Class and intends to cut the Council Tax bill in Doncaster by monitoring expenditure rigidly.

Could this catch on? Do the English Democrats have anymore like Mr Davies? Could Mr Davies establish a blueprint which could be adopted by other Town Halls? I am convinced that once the electorate got a sniff of democracy again then we could see sweeping changes.

I get the impression that Mr Davies is a tough cookie and he will need to be. Once Gordon the Moron and his Europhile Mafia get a sniff that they have genuine opposition then he will have to watch his back. We all know what can happen once the Political Class feel threatened. Still well done Sir, you have given some of us a chink of hope.

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