Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Scumbags of Upton Park East London!

Well were any of us really surprised at the riots around Upton Park yesterday evening as a precursor to the West Ham/Millwall Carling Cup match. Almost anyone who gave the match a thought knew that trouble would be brewing...that is of course anyone bar the police!

These are the heartland. of the white scumbag. Their uniform is well known, a shaven head, covered in tattoos, beer bellies and the liberal use of the 'F' word in every grunt exhaled. This is the result of the lack of policing, the lack of education, and the lack of an effective deterrent for so many years.

The luxury prisons combined with light sentencing and lack of respect for the police means that there is no effective deterrent for the lowlifes. The result was what we all saw last night at West Ham and we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Is is not about time that we built a large concentration camp somewhere on a mosquito ridden Western Isle and sent them all to live with minimum rations and no home comforts. Sentencing could still be light but would double after each offence!
I bet we might just get a change of attitude once word got around.

PS Witness the change of attitude of the two guys from Derby who decided to 'wrestle' with the Latvian police. They are now doing hard 'porridge' and they don't like it. They are wingeing to anyone who will listen and of course the BBC in time honoured, typical fashion are championing their cause. Their defence appears to be that they were just having a 'laugh', just 'playing around' so the bar owners called the police. Ha! Let them rot!

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