Thursday, 27 August 2009


It is unbelievable! We have lost over 200 soldiers in the war against the Taliban but the Afghan people already know who will win. The so called elections have apparently been a farce. They have not even bothered to vote in the hard line areas.

The cream of our crop are dying for a cause which is useless. We have never won in Afghanistan because their hearts and minds are so different from our hearts and minds.

We revere and mourn our dead but they don't really give a damn about their losses (and that is being polite). It is now clear that our own government also don't give a damn about the dead, the wounded and the mentally disturbed who arise from their ridiculous war.

I cannot speculate on how the NoLab hierarchy will explain away the deaths of so many heroes and the results of the corrupt Afghan elections. Their elections have shown that the game is up! They don't want us! It is an American plot to do what the Russians couldn't do and neither could we and that is to subvert the Afghan culture.

Time we brought the guys home... but that will ruin the Marxist plot to keep the British army occupied while they ruin the country! Hush my mouth!

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