Sunday, 4 October 2009

David Cameron and Europe

I listened very carefully this morning when David Cameron was on the Andrew Marr show and I remain unconvinced. He has a problem. He wants to win the election and knows that if he tells us that he will hold a referendum on Europe he will landslide in. So he dangles the prospect of a referendum but there are conditions and he is rather reluctant to come clean.

He looked awkward when being questioned by Marr and he normally looks confident. Ok I know that Marr is a BBC type champagne socialist who likes to be rude to Tories but allows Mandelson almost a free reign to regurgitate his socialist dogma. He tried to tie Cameron down as to how much he is worth but we all know that Cameron married an Astor and comes from money. He never asked Mandelson how much he is worth and we all know that only a few years ago Mandelson could not buy a house in London without assistance.

As I have blogged before I believe that this political class are all in the same boat and they are all rowing as hard as they can to sail into Europe without giving us a vote on it. If Cameron promised a referendum he would upset an awful lot of people (mainly bankers, press barons and industrial tycoons) who have plotted long and hard to enslave the public.

That is the real reason that I don't believe that we will get one. Cameron intends to promise it but actually believes that the Lisbon Treaty will be ratified before the election. He can then throw his arms in the air and exclaim that the referendum is no longer necessary because it has all been settled.

I will never understand why all the Euro sceptics don't band together for the next election and ensure that we have an alternative. I believe that anyone who pledges that we would leave Europe would gain a majority. Perhaps Nigel Farage (UKIP), Nick Griffin (BNP) and any other fringe group should sit down and hammer out an interim plan of action. The next election could then become a battlefield Europe IN or OUT!

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