Saturday, 15 September 2012


This is a post aimed at local people because it concerns my local bowls club.  The rest of you can just move on but this is one reason that I began this blog.  Sometimes it is a great medium to get over a point of view.

In my local club we have a problem. We have a couple who are dedicated bowlers and this year they have contributed well on the green. One of them actually holds two positions within the club because he volunteered when nobody else wanted the jobs. 

He has actually done one job quite well although he refuses to go the extra mile when it is necessary.  Sometimes if you want to put a team out you have to appeal to people to put the club before their personal life. 

Bowls etiquette is also essential. If you lose you must be gracious. We are all competitive animals but you MUST always shake the hand of your opponent and offer to buy them a drink. That is bowls etiquette and if you don't understand that then find another pastime.

A summer in bowls can also be expensive. Nobody, particular a pensioner, wants to waste money but buying raffle tickets (you know a pound for a strip of five) is a responsibility because it supports the club. If you stand in front of the club as captain and then refuse to part with a pound then your priorities are all wrong.

We are all competing to attract players. Sometimes however, the reputation of the club is more important than the ability of some players. The people that I am talking about have already left two clubs in this area. Perhaps we should complete their hat trick?

I just wonder if there is one person who knows the situation who would disagree? I welcome comments.

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