Saturday, 8 September 2012

MP's Expenses

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You would have thought that, after some of them were jailed, the members of the House of Commons would have some prudence where their expenses were concerned. You would think that they would have some contrition, some awareness of public opinion and some respect for the public purse. 

Well, if you thought that then you were wrong. The arrogance and the culture of Westmonster means that they have helped themselves to even more of our money. Even the Guardian, whose views I often find 'interesting' has highlighted their profligacy.

Do you remember how scandalised we were when their greed was discovered and exposed by the Daily Telegraph? Now they have upped their game and are claiming even more! How can 650 MPs claim almost £90 million pounds in expenses? It is grand larceny!

In my opinion it is even more obscene because most of them are not representing their constituents. Their only game is self interest. How can a British MP support a foreign power like the unelected commissioners of the EU? On and on it goes and our Political Class know that they are bombproof because the British public are utterly conditioned to vote for the three main parties (who are actually only one party). Blair corrupted Labour, Clegg corrupted the LibDems and Cameron has corrupted the Tories.

So, once again, can I suggest to anyone who drifts this way that voting for minority parties is not a wasted vote.  We must seriously get rid of these wasters. The whole system has been corrupted because we are getting socialists standing under the label of 'Conservative'. That means that the local constituency parties have been infiltrated. My own MP (Nicky Morgan) is a prime example.

She votes every time for the Cameron brand. She has been bought and paid for and every bone in her body is corporatocracy. She epitomises the type of MP who constantly rejects the British public for her own personal gain. Her predecessor Andy Reed suffered for his association with the Gordon Brown brand. 

Nobody told the Loughborough public that Nicky Morgan was also a socialist. Nobody mentioned that she would vote at every opportunity for the European Union, for a lack of justice, for an Afghan War, for a discredited Education system... oh I could go on and on and on. 

People of Loughborough we have been deceived. Like the rest of the country we have an MP who sucks on the teet of the public purse. They are all at it and we pay to the tune of £90m quid a year!! Please think about your vote and vote for people who want to represent you and not the Political Class!

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