Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Education Authorities

I am appalled by the actions of the education authorities in Sussex who knew that an illegal liaison was occurring between a 15 year old and her married Maths teacher and did not inform her parents. Who are these people who think that they can wreck the lives of a family and continue in authority?

What grounds did they have to protect this stupid teacher against the wishes of the girl's family? It would appear that their affair/friendship was well known within the confines of the school and yet nobody thought that perhaps this girl needed the protection of the authorities and her parents should be informed.

What the hell is going on? Why do our so called education authorities believe that a relationship of this nature should be kept in house. Look they may be in love...they may eventually survive the test of time but...it is illegal...she is under age and her family are distraught.

My problems lie within the system. I have posted before that in my opinion sex education for teenies is too early. It just invokes curiosity. Consequently we have the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe which is exactly what was meant to happen. It also caused an eight year old to imagine sex between her grandparents!!

In the meantime we now know that there is no transparent system within the education system to stop a liaison between a teacher and a pupil. They totally failed this girl in Sussex and her family. They knew what was happening and now she is in the system. She could become a minor celebrity!

His career is dead but then he was only weak I hope that the education authorities now feel proud of themselves, When the father of Megan Stammers was crying live on television I just hope that the head person of her school was watching and I hope that the education authorities in Sussex realise their catastrophic error. 

Do you know I don't think that they care! I posted about this a few years ago and nothing has changed.  I say this without shame but our current education is actively encouraging a break down of moral standards. 

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