Tuesday, 18 September 2012

More Whitewash!

The decision yesterday by a police internal disciplinarycommittee to 'sack' PC Simon Harwood for his unprovoked attack on Ian Tomlinson back in 2009 during the G20 riots comes across as yet another police 'whitewash'. Using this process that they set up Harwood gets to keep his police pension because he has never had a criminal conviction.

Does this mean that he can now join yet another police force because he has done that before?  Following an earlier display of violence he was allowed to 'retire' on medical grounds before joining Surrey police. He then returned to the MET by transfer.  I just wonder what it is about Simon Harwood which makes him such an attractive candidate for the MET and why nobody wants to convict him?

Following on from Hillsborough one has to come to the conclusion that there is a cancer within our society which makes the police bomb proof.  Now I know that we cannot tar every policeman with the same brush. I know a few personally and they are by and large great characters but...in a case like this, which is proven, then the assailant should walk away with nothing. In fact he should not be walking away.

We have got to make an example of them. They have a duty of care to the public so when one of them does something stupid then the public must witness them punished. This particularly applies to Hillsborough where none of the conspirators should escape. The names of the guilty are already in the public domain. Those alive have generally made a good living following their decisions to tamper with the witness statements. I hope that they, once again, don't escape what they deserve. 


F***W*T TW****R said...

Re Harwood, it was stipulated that he would never work for the police again. That doesn't change anything about what you said though. It is a whitewash.

Anonymous said...

What's the betting he ends up as a prison officer or working for g4 ?

bryboy said...

Hi FT tks for your interest and of course that is what they have said. My probably ill put point is that he had form where violence was concerned and yet the Met were happy to re-employ him. Why did they want him and why did he think that he could batter the legs from under Ian Tomlinson without any rebuke from a senior officer? Who was the senior officer and why was Harwood not immediately removed from the front line? Anon I agree he will be reemployed immediately!