Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hillsborough may be the Gateway to Uncovering a Deep Rooted Cancer in our Society!

The extent of the lies, the cover up and the depravity of the police with regard to the Hillsborough disaster is shocking everyone! We have all known for many years that the police have been corrupted and are no longer 'Dixon of Dock Green' but the extent of their misconduct is clearly unbelievable.

This could run and run because so many policemen must have known that there had been a cover up. So many must have realised that their personal account of the events on that day had been doctored. Why did they not come forward?

What kind of culture exists within the police force that criminal activity is actually accepted? What kind of hold have some senior officers on the force that honesty cannot be contemplated? You see most of us know that this corruption, this very rottenness exists! We are not stupid because there are far too many examples of police corruption and far too many examples of cover ups.

Suddenly they have been caught red handed with their mucky mitts in the cookie jar! So now we know what is accepted let us slowly rewind to the death of Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell Station. What happened there? Why did all the CCTV tapes suddenly malfunction?

I tell you what Hillsborough could be the start of something that is so huge, so sinister that it could reach parts that Heineken could not reach. I have a feeling that in the higher reaches of our political society bottoms are beginning to tweak. Hillsborough is the beginning...none of us know where it will end...fear is in the air!!


PS My apologies to a certain female Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Force...however she was actually in charge of the Stockwell fiasco and then got promoted. Have another glass of wine dear...this has got a long way to run before it gets to you!


SAB said...

Very good! :-). I also thought to myself that if they can cover up something of this magnitude then what else have they covered up? Yesterday was definitely a bad PR day for South Yorks police.

The truth comes out eventually!

Lady Di's "accident" was also far too convenient for a lot of people for me to believe I'm afraid! Maybe that will come out of the woodwork in years to come.

bryboy said...

SAB...Like me you will be instantly labelled a 'conspiracy theorist' because it is the label handed to anyone who asks awkward questions. I fully agree with you on the Princess Di death. There were far too many unexplained conundrums and the videos taken in the hotel seem to indicate that the chauffeur was not drunk! far too many loose ends for comfort.