Wednesday, 5 September 2012

At Last a Resuffle but will it Mean Anything?

When the PM decided to reshuffle his cabinet I wondered what it would mean in real terms. Would he promote any real Conservatives or would he just reshuffle the ' modernisers'? Well we soon got the message.

Ken Clarke had to go from 'Justice' but he is in effect the Prime Minister so he got a job where he could implement New World Order (Bilderberger) policies everywhere. Ken Clarke does not bat for Britain. He never has and never will. Now he has a job where he can drift everywhere ensuring that the EU policies are implemented.

Elsewhere Jeremy Hunt has now got the NHS! This is his reward for slavishly supporting the Murdoch Empire. They have former Murdoch senior employees facing court proceedings and yet our PM promotes one of their most enthusiastic supporters.  The public do not want these men. They don't want political puppets they want MPs representing their constituencies and MPs who back Britain.

Nothing has changed. All those promoted are paid up members of the 'modernising' clique. They all have the same objective and that is to turn us into some kind of police state. We are gradually drifting into a self induced coma where we refuse to recognise the threat to our society. 

Everything has been dumbed down. Largely the great British public  can only talk about music, football and gossip! The knowledge of the average Brit is minimal. Our whole culture has been dumbed down to an extent that the British people cannot recognise their own culture! Those that care end up in the European Courts defending a right to wear a Christian cross at work!

So here we go again. A highly touted Cabinet reshuffle where birds of a feather played musical chairs without the music. Nothing will change of that you can be assured. These people all work for people who do not bat for Britain. Talking of that where is Nick Boles (former Winchester, Oxford and Harvard)? He was not invited to Bilderberger for nothing so he must have a role to play somewhere.

UPDATE: I see that according to Guido Nick Boles has got Planning 'where he will sell the government's plans to build in the shires'. I just knew that we wouldn't like it!

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