Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Spaniards are also on the Streets!

We have seen the Greeks rioting on the streets of Athens. Now we see crowds rioting on the streets of Spain. I cannot believe that our mainstream politicians continue to pour money into the toxic European Union  when they must know that failure is inevitable.  

Every mainstream politician in this country supports the European Union and yet we can see that it is a toxic brand. Today it is Greece and Spain but how long before the economies of Italy, Ireland, Portugal and even France are affected?

So then what is left? Well I guess it is the UK and Germany. Germany is the manufacturing capital of Europe with a very strong economy whilst we here in the UK cannot in some areas afford public toilets.  Try telling the Germans that they must close public toilets. 

So what is the conclusion? Do I need to spell it out yet again? Our only option...OUR ONLY to get behind the only party who has promised to remove this country from Europe. No that is wrong they are the only party who promise the people a referendum on an IN/OUT vote on our membership if the EU.  So most of us generally have no option than to vote UKIP!

If we do not get this referendum then make no mistake; we will eventually join the Greeks and the Spaniards because we will be starving. Our pension system will fail, our energy generation will fail so that we will eventually be brought down into some kind of Euro gutter. We will also continue to spend all our resources to keep an unelected cabal in power.

I know... put your hands over your ears, shut your eyes, gag your mouths because you are personally bomb proof! Just ask yourselves what would you do if suddenly you did not have your pensions?  Your pension money is being actively distributed anywhere else other than to you! You think that I am barmy! Think On!

Andrew Mitchell has illustrated the contempt that the Political Class has for the police, never mind the public and he is the Chief Whip! Andrew Mitchell is, according to reports, lying through his teeth and yet David Cameron is happy to keep him in position which probably sums up the Political Class. They care not a jot for the plebs!


Bill said...

You clearly have a blind spot or some such thing in your reality

You still believe this
"our mainstream politicians"

When day in day out these people prove they are anything but OUR politicians.

I truly have no idea whether they simply serve themselves or serve some 'higher group of humans' such as the UN or the EU or the Bilderbergers or the banksters but it is crytsal they DO NOT SERVE THE PEOPLE OF THESE ISLANDS!

bryboy said...

Bill...I appreciate your passion... I really do but what else have we got? Unless you can harness sufficient numbers of committed young people who would march on Westmonster and throw them into the Thames then our so called democratic system is all that we have got! The British do not do what the Greeks and the Spaniards do unless of course they belong to a union. In my opinion we should have marched years ago but we didn't. If is was up to me a million pensioners would march on the capital and cease all movement!
It won't happen! Please don't tar me with the brush of naivety. I am one old guy but I recognise reality and whether you like it or not we still have mainstream politicians and they still hold all the cards...until we BLOODY WELL VOTE THEM OUT!

Bill said...

Well Bryboy lets play the value in the vote game.
Independents who stand on their own tickets rarely get enough votes to save their deposits so they are not going to be our saviours.
Any LibLabCon personage who stands in an election is selected by the Party. I don't know about the Greens/UKIP/BNP et all but I'll lay odds any person they put forward has been selected by the Party.

So how on earth will voting clear the rot?

Finally who voted for this government that is carrying on the previous governments efforts to grind this country into an EU region?

There is only one answer short of armed rebellion in my book and that is enough people having the balls to stop paying taxes but as the majority of working age people work for the government I cannot see that one ever flying.

A million people marching in London failed to stop Saint Bliar from taking Britains armed forces into a war in Iraq so marching doesn't work either.

I hear your frustration but I do not share your conviction that voting will change things for the better.