Saturday, 29 September 2012

Another David Cameron 'Promise' on the EU!

Anyone who remembers the run up to the last election will recall David Cameron assuring the British public that if they elected him he would reappraise our relationship with the EU. Many people took that as a promise to hold a referendum and voted for him accordingly.  However, if you look back on his stance on the EU he has never promised to hold an In/Out referendum.  He constantly repeats that a referendum on the EU 'is not a priority'.

Our PM has a problem. He is leading a divided party. Many of his party are traditional Tories which means that they do not believe in 'change'. Most of them however are 'modernisers' who want to change the character and the nature of this once great country and they are winning. David Cameron knows that, if his 'conservatives' leave the Conservative party then the game is up because the country will finally wake up to the fact that he personally is not actually a 'Conservative'.

So every now and then he makes another pronouncement on our relationship with the EU. His latest, made in Brazil vaguely hints that if he is reelected as PM he will, once again, renenogiate some of the powers that he has allowed to slip into the hands of the unelected commissars of the EU.  The problem is that now we are onto him.  We don't believe him because he has pulled this spoof once too often.

So let me assure you that if David Cameron ever holds an in/out referendum on the EU I will eat my glasses.  The only party that will ever grant the public a proper referendum is UKIP. The reason is that the modernisers of all parties would lose and it is as simple as that.  Even the downtrodden, dumbed down, disinterested British public still know that inherently the EU is costing us far too much and will never look after the interests of the UK.  We are only tolerated because we pay in so much.

Finally I was not surprised that, even after years of education at Eton and Oxford, David Cameron did not know the meaning of Magna Carta. The people who educated him and have supported him on his rise to high office would not recognise the principles of the Magna Carta if it bit them on the bum. It is after all the foundation of democracy in this country and you know what they've done with that!

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