Sunday, 16 September 2012

Afghanistan - we MUST get Out!

I have consistently repeated that our mission in Afghanistan was unwise. I am sure that somewhere it was politically motivated because it could never have been about our internal security. 

Anyone contemplating an invasion of Afghanistan only had to look at history to realise how difficult that would be. In my opinion that is one of the reasons that the British Army has been tied down in this impossible task and so many of the cream of the crop have lost their lives.

This loss of life continues even though it is quite clear that we are achieving nothing and will eventually have to retire from the country having achieved nothing. I am sickened every Wednesday when the PM and his opposite number read out the names of the dead and then immediately return to their political ping pong. Such a show of hypocrisy is demeaning.

We are achieving nothing and a succession of green on blue attacks illustrates that our troops cannot trust their so called 'allies' even in the safest of situations. It is a joke! Our politicians have been wrong  at every level of this ridiculous venture. The people who wanted our troops occupied abroad had their wish but they have cost us much.

In my opinion any further loss of life will be fruitless. Nobody can budget for attacks from a so called ally. They don't want us, they never have and any further involvement in this country cannot be justified. We should withdraw as soon as it is possible. Let them get on with it. They always have! 


SAB said...

I can't even remember why we're supposed to be there??? My mate (a sargeant in the Royal Marines) is due to go back soon, and he's not sure why they're there either?? He'll leave his wife and two children in Taunton and go and do his job and 'crack on' as always, but IMO every death is at the hands of the politicians.

A chap who tragically lost his son in Afghan called in to a radio talk show and suggested that if he was to ask the PM the name of the soldier he read out a couple of Wednesday's ago he wouldn't be able to remember his name. I'm inclined to agree.

bryboy said...

So am I. It is a farce and we the people should up our game and demand more accountability. They are even attacking Camp Bastion which means that we are losing! This whole nonsense smacks yet again of Vietnam where a super power was humbled by an army fighting for a cause. SAB you must know that I have been posting about this for years. This whole exercise was a folly triggered by the same lies that Philip Hammond reiterated in Westmonster today. I have never agreed with Dennis McShane in my life but today he was correct. At last MPs have grasped the nettle and are putting pressure on this useless Coalition to bring the troops home!

Anonymous said...

We are in Afghanistan to build roads, schools and hospitals.

That is why the roads, schools and hospitals in Scotland are shite.

Many examples of which I speak can be found on my charming website at:

bryboy said...

Tks Anon I will follow up.