Thursday, 6 September 2012

Suddenly a lurch towards the Public!

Everybody knows that we the public have been ripped off for years where fuel and food prices are concerned. Suddenly the government have decided to investigate the price fixing of the fuel companies. In comparison to any other European countries the Brits are always ripped off. We are the soft touch and the oil companies are taking advantage.

The problem is that our politicians who should be representing the public are in the main bought and paid for because they have done deals with their paymasters. It does not matter whether they have accepted money from Murdoch, Tescos, BP, Esso or any other of the multi nationals because it would now appear that every MP has been bought up.

Politics has become an industry. The colossal amounts involved would corrupt a saint so we have to accept that with the odd exception our politicians are tainted. They all have an owner. They are only accepted if they are corruptible. That actually means that the local selection committees have also been corrupted. They are only accepting people who will comply with the orders of the multinationals (New World Order). 

Make no mistake there is very little democratic principle left in the United Kingdom. Our politicians scoff at democracy. The only reason that they address any of our concerns is because they may lose a vote or two. They care not a jot for you and I but the Tories are under pressure. They may lose control. The useless Labour plebs are actually beginning to gain an advantage in the polls without actually articulating a policy!

That is modern politics. If they keep this up one or two of our useless judges may come under the spotlight. We might even have a justice policy which favours the victim! I am amazed that the Leicestershire couple who defended their home with a shotgun have been released! Tony Martin was not released he was jailed! What is the difference?

After all you have a very attractive wife and four strapping burglars are breaking into your home! What would you do? Of course you would let them do what they want because you don't want to be arrested for well what... 'over exuberance'. In fact you actually do what the guy did... you shoot the bastards! He actually shot them in the legs (well they survived) when I would have blown their heads off and smiled as I was sentenced.

Then we have the peach of a judge... Bowers who actually thinks it takes courage to burgle so he won't jail the criminal? No wonder Cameron is panicking! He is in charge of a lunatic asylum created by his political opposition which he has failed to change.

You see when you owe your platform to an owner and not to the public then it is difficult to do the decent thing. Cameron is in a hole. He cosied up to the Murdoch Empire and he also has other academic loyalties that means he is not free to do the right thing. He owes too much to so many people and he is our Prime Minister!

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