Friday, 14 September 2012

The Duchess of Cambridge and those Pictures

I am amazed that people with the high profile of the Royals are so naive that they allow themselves to be compromised by an enterprising photographer. They know their responsibilities, they known that they are hounded by the paparazzi and yet they still risk ridicule.

Why did Kate feel the need to go topless in a place that could not be completely protected? They know the power of the long range lens and yet they still expose themselves to the popular press.

Are they really that stupid? I mean we are barely days away from Prince Harry being snapped naked by someone who surely should not have been within miles of him! These Royals have immense security. The bill for their security is astronomical and yet clearly they have little regard for their own privacy.

I have no sympathy. They all know the risks. They clearly refuse to recognise that they cannot strip off in front of cameras or anywhere public. They have sufficient wealth and influence to be able to strip off and run naked anywhere in the world.

So the big question they do it deliberately to generate publicity? Two members of the young Royal Family are compromised in a very short time. They have security paid for by the public. They seem to have little regard for common sense. 

Sorry but I am beginning that the House of Windsor  believes that the way forward is tawdry. They are wrong!     


F***W*T TW****R said...

The people to blame are the voracious public that by the newspapers and mags that print the stuff.

bryboy said...

I really can't argue with that but we are where we are. The Royals know what a target they are and for some reason they keep slipping up. Did she really have to go topless outdoors in an unsecure location? Sigh!

SAB said...

I'm struggling to figure out why it is that yet another 2 British troops were shot dead yesterday and all I'm hearing about is Kate's boobies!!!! :-(