Monday, 24 September 2012

Camp Bastion is Under Attack!

The popular perception of our mission in Afghanistan is that we are in control. The combined forces of the United States and Great Britain will always see off the rag tag bobtail peasant troops led by irregular tribal leaders. 

I remember back to the Vietnam War when there was no way that the American Forces could lose to the locals who only had a fraction of the fire power of the American forces and then suddenly the Vietcong were in Saigon and there was a state of panic. It was horrible to watch.

Our politicians and our mainstream media have suddenly become very quiet on our 'progress' in Afghanistan. We are led to believe that we still have a future in this country even though the hearses are queuing up at Brize Norton.

This evening SKY reported the destruction of five Harrier jets at Camp Bastion! What? Five prized fighters were destroyed on the ground by tribesmen armed with balloons and sticks? What is happening? We no longer have reports of our servicemen dying in futile attempts to impose an authority in the country. They are actually pinned down at Camp Bastion! 

The recent deaths have all been at our headquarters! We are losing people who are defending their HQ! Even I, an old soldier, recognises that when the enemy can penetrate your outer perimeter then the game is up. When will our arrogant and out of touch politicians realise that we are courting disaster in Afghanistan? What do they want General Custer?

Do we really want the images from Saigon where we saw locals clinging to helicopters as they left in panic?  It will happen. The game is up. I really hope that I am wrong but if this Eton educated government does not react soon then it could get a whole lot worse.
Get them out now Mr Cameron because if you don't then we could have a wholesale slaughter. It will be the final insult, the final downgrade of a national institution and the death of a country.

We are so desperate that we are even putting pregnant women on the front line. I don't apologise for that cheap remark because if you are reduced to putting women on the front line you should at least check that they are not pregnant! It is sloppy and unnecessary. It demeans the British Army and they have been placed under so much pressure. 

There appears to be so many people who are prepared to destroy the British Army which is the pillar of nationalism. That is the crux of the matter. The people who are pulling the strings are all  mainstream politicians who hate the British Army! They have good reason. The British Army has always been the bedrock of the nation. The Army is everything that we trusted. The ethos of our army is nationalism, loyalty, dependability, trust and comradeship.

If we destroy our army  then we destroy our country and we also destroy the cream of the crop. Of course that is the aim of the modernisers who occupy every important political position. David Cameron seemingly is prepared to take this risk.  That is not acceptable for the public. Our public is 100% behind the brave people manning the barricades at Camp Bastion (pregnant or not).  If the government let the army down and do not withdraw them in time then we should be on the streets!

I keep warning you!

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