Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hillsborough...What Now?

I watched the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 from the safety of my living room sofa but it has remained with me all these years and I am not remotely connected with it.  Everybody with an iota of common sense knew from day one that this was a failure of officialdom.  Crowds only react to direction and clearly when only one ambulance penetrated the stadium someone had fouled up badly.

What I find almost unbelievable is the extent of the cover up.  According to the independent panel who have been examining the evidence the cover up must have been huge. Police, Ambulance Service, Unions, Government and Judiciary were all involved and this makes it imperative that ALL concerned are rounded up and prosecuted.

I have often posted about the endemic corruption which exists in this country much of it emanating from Common Purpose and it is no coincidence that many of the Yorkshire Police senior officers have a Common Purpose background.

In this case 'apologies' are not sufficient. We now want prosecutions and it must begin with every senior officer in every service who colluded in this cover up.  It could be ground breaking because many of those involved have since been promoted to very high positions.  I hope that some people are now running very scared because what they did was unforgivable and inconceivable.

There are some very rotten apples in this basket. I suspect that the CPS will be very reluctant to follow this through but it is SO high profile they may have no choice. The truth is out. There is nowhere to run. Friends in high places cannot protect them now.

My final thought.  This collusion is so callous. It is so depraved and disgusting that I am surprised that it has taken so long to uncover it. It means that there are many, many people involved who knew what was happening. These same people are still in situ and if they feel that it was OK to keep silent about this then the next question is what else have they covered up?  Believe me Hillsborough is the tip of the iceberg but at least we have located the iceberg!

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