Sunday, 23 September 2012

Andrew Mitchell...Pleb!

andrew mitchell
I will never understand how people with wealth and privilege need to flaunt it. They have got it and generally it was not through their own efforts but something that was passed down to them by ancestors. In my time with the services I discovered that the people with the most class were often those highest up the social ladder.

So how could Andrew Mitchell who has often been described as a nasty little B'stard let himself and his family down by abusing police on the very week when the rank and file police had taken such a devastating hit! 

This silly little man seems to want to make a statement by riding a girl's bike with a shopping basket on the front. It is pure theatre!  They wouldn't let him through the big gate so he blew a gasket!

Clearly this oaf should not be a million miles from any government position and Chief Whip???? What has got into David Cameron? Once again his political nouse is found wanting. He is surrounding himself with people who will let him down...little men in big positions.

Mitchell denies he used the word 'pleb' but then he would wouldn't he? People witnessed the incident and let's face it he has form. His neighbours hate him and if anyone objected to Foreign Aid when he was in charge (his previous appointment) his language was scurrilous.

His nickname from his public school days, which he appears to revel in, is 'Thrasher' (the mind boggles).  These pub(l)ic schoolboys who have never had a proper job but believe that their inherent right is to f*** up the country need to be replaced. It is up to us to replace them. We can begin with Corby and vote UKIP!

Andrew Mitchell... I won't even give the silly man a label!


NewsboyCap said...


I admire your faith in the voting system, but as a wise man from the past said; if voting made any difference they would BAN it.Or as that Champion of Democracy Uncle Joseph Stalin said; It's not the voters who count, but those who count the votes....
If you have even the slightest influence in your community tell them not to vote, or if they must, vote for an Independent.
And as for the Toe-rag in your post, he's just the same as all the other 'professional' politicians. We are something to scrape of the sole of his hand made shoes.

bryboy said...

Hi NBC I had a discussion about this only yesterday when a friend told me that we only had options to vote for the 'big three'. I have continually advocated that we DON'T vote for the big three. I can understand the 'don't vote at all' lobby but where does that get us? It would mean that we have allowed the politicians to destroy democracy (have they already done that?) UKIP are outside of Westmonster. If Farage et al prove to be the same as the rest then I would agree that the game is up!

NewsboyCap said...


A not vote is just as legitimate as voting,(if that makes sense).Democracy must allow for a non-of the above option. But of course we have had that removed. If you write it on the Ballot paper it will not be counted.
As for Farage he now sees an opening with the Tories as a way in to office, and we can see how well that went with the Libdumbs.
How can any of the parties claim to represent their constituents when they accept Law-making from a foreign power... nonsense.
For me the present 'system' is dead, it needs to be removed and we start afresh.
The politicos work for outside interests, civil servants are kept on track by Common Purpose, Councils are answerable to 'private' corporations, the judiciary are bought off, to bend and ignore the Law. The whole lot stinks.
BTW, did you know there are more members of the Women's Institute, than all the political parties added together. Perhaps the WI should run the Country!

Bill D' Sarse said...

1. Policemen never lie. No siree. Ask the Birmingham 6, Guilford 4, the 96 dead at Hillsborough, the 1433 people who have died in police custody yet not one copper charged, Ian Tomlinson et al.

2. The Police have no axe to grind at the moment. Cuts, what cuts?

3. Never met a c*nting, jobsworth, pleb policeman? They don't exist.

Look at it from a copper's perspective. Means, motive and opportunity. When it comes to details, I know who I believe. David Cameron must be laughing his socks off - all the c*nts are discussing the word 'pleb' whilst the economy is in tatters.

PS. \scarcasm