Saturday, 22 September 2012


I return to a recurring theme because in the time that I have been posting on this blog I have always believed that, apart from our membership of the EU, the education of the nation's children should be our priority. I applaud everything that Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, has done because it would appear that he is acting like a Tory Minister which is rare in this Coalition. 

He is trying to turn back the tide of mediocrity and criminality which has pervaded our education system. Year after year they have frankly 'fiddled' with the education grades whilst weakening the quality of the examinations. It is one of the worst scandals in the history of this island because it has deprived generations (probably three generations of their birthright) ...a decent education.

So what is he trying to do? He is actually trying to move education standards (in 2015) back to exam based results. No more course input from teachers or parents because the child will be placed under exam conditions. They will have to learn the skill of learning and remembering. It is what I would call really stressful! 

I agree with the whole package because it is the first test of life but I do have reservations. How can a generation of teachers weaned on a corrupt system which handed them results on a plate be qualified to teach children to pass an honest exam? Few of them in the state system have any experience of preparing children for an honest examination!

No wonder the teaching unions are yelping! They are facing a veritable nightmare. They have fought off all attempts to legitimise education in this country for decades and then suddenly they are being challenged. 

My hopes are that no longer will we see the images on the BBC featuring grinning kids celebrating their multiple 'A*' grades unless they are merited. I want to celebrate the 'A' level students who merit their 'A' grade. I want to be proud of my grandchildren if they achieve a decent, honest, 'C' grade.

If he pulls this off then Michael Gove will deserve a platform alongside Margaret Thatcher because what he is doing could be the beginning of a return to normality for the nation. Once the education system is honest then everything else will fall into place because the kids will appreciate their place in society.

For what... forty years... children have been cheated of their rightful heritage. They have been taught that cheating works. They have been taught that they don't have to put themselves out to achieve good grades. Of course those that deserved good grades suffered because they were compared to mediocrity and they knew it.

Well done Michael Gove but just where will you find the teachers to implement your ambition? Most of them will not even recognise what you want to achieve because they themselves never achieved it. Time to involve and pay a whole host of grandparents who understand your goal?

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