Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Why Are We Surprised?

Why are we surprised that two, young, female police officers have been slaughtered by a maniac in the outskirts of Manchester? Why are all our leading, modernising, politicians now wringing their hands and protesting about a barbarity that they have caused. They are just as much to blame for the deaths of these two women as the perpetrator himself.

For the past 50 years the establishment has weakened the justice system to the point where there is no justice for victims in Britain.  Everything has been geared towards 'understanding' the criminal and 'rehabilitating' the criminal.

To hell with the victim, to hell with the general public, to hell with polite society let's just keep rewarding disgraceful behaviour until we get to the point that grenades are thrown at female officers in broad daylight in Britain! 

Let us just reappraise the situation! In most instances in this country the police respond to crime. They have long since been dissuaded from preventing it. They no longer have a connection with the public when they are on duty.

When they do catch a criminal that person enters a system which at every turn fails to recognise any crime he/she may have committed. Criminals in Britain must commit many many crimes before they are incarcerated. When they eventually receive a jail sentence it is  invariable slashed as part of a rehabilitation programme. Most are out on the street, unknown to the public, long before they have completed half their sentence.

We have seen some shocking examples of weak judges in this country. They appear to look for any reason to excuse the criminal and completely ignore the victim.  Criminals routinely walk out of court laughing at the law.

Despite this our prisons are full.  Many are full of people who should not even be in our country. There is a dangerous reluctance to deport foreign criminals in case we contravene their 'Human Rights' which has been used by every lawyer in the country! We can find any excuse to deport a patriot, even those who have served with the colours, but foreign criminals often escape scot free.

Then we have our prisons. Reportedly they are riddled with drugs which inmates can obtain freely while they are allowed unbridled use of luxury items. I often wonder just what the prison officers are doing? There are many reports which maintain that the inmates are running the prisons. Whatever else it appears that prison is not the deterrent it should be. Some prisoners probably live better on the inside than they do on the outside which cannot be right.

So there is nothing to deter a would be wrongdoer from committing a crime. No regular police presence, weak sentencing and soft prisons have combined to produce a criminal fraternity who care not a jot for the law. If the killer of the two police officers today knew that he was going to face a length of rope or a long spell on a mosquito infested Scottish island I don't think he would have lured them towards his guns and grenades.  He did it because frankly he just didn't care!

UPDATE:  Now we discover that the likely killer was already ON BAIL for MURDER! When will these people learn?


GrumpyRN said...

"a mosquito infested Scottish island".
Hey Bry, we don't want them. I agree with your sentiments though. Many a time on a night-shift I have threatened to get the police to arrest someone in the department to be answered with "So f**k, go ahead and get them, what will they do?"
There is no punishment or fear of punishment.

bryboy said...

GRN I suspect that we could in real life be friends. You are on the front line like the girls killed yesterday. I would call my Scottish island YUCK!
Can you imagine the connotations?

You are being sentenced, so you are being YUCKED! You are off to prison so YUCK off! Sorry folks my imagination is running wild. I must go to bed!