Monday, 6 February 2012

The Annual Snow Farce!

A snow-plough clearing the runway at HeathrowThe race to the bottom is hotting up! Last week we got almost a week's warning that come Saturday evening we would be under a great heap of snow. Everyone knew it was coming and for once the forecasts were right on target!

Prior to that, amidst a blaze of publicity, Heathrow announced huge sums of money spent on modern snow removing equipment. This was after all the apologies for the chaos they created last year when one of the largest airports in the world could not function because it had snowed.

Now we do have cold snaps in this country but let's be honest this is not Scandanavia, it is not Russia and conditions recently right across Europe have been far worse than they have been at Heathrow. So to cancel flights in two consecutive years because of a snowfall smacks of incompetence.

If the people who run Heathrow cannot cope even though they have had ample warning then may I suggest that they step aside and let someone else try. This country is rapidly becoming a laughing stock across Europe. They are making jokes at our expense. These management boards claim huge salaries so it about time that the government insisted upon competence and regulated to ensure it!

Just to emphasise the point I wrote this last year (and other posts) so I guess nothing much has changed. Are we really surprised?


Anonymous said...

"Everyone knew it was coming and for once the forecasts were right on target!"

I can't resist but how could everyone have known it was coming if the forecasts have never been right before?

Sorry, naughty of me. Ithink I'll be anon.

bryboy said...

Nice one! I wish I was perfect but sadly I too have human frailties! At least you read it!