Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Civil Disobedience!

The only civil disobedience that is allowed in this country is conducted on the blogosphere. Hundreds of bloggers are freely expressing their thoughts so far without government censorship. This is the only playground left for the free thinking, the rebels and the democrats. Stories are exchanged, information is exchanged and intelligence is exchanged.

Many of the blogs I have never read, but one I continually read is Captain Ranty because he is genuine, dedicated and honest. Over the years he has sought out the truth and tried at every turn to educate the public. Today he uncovered a UKIP video which just has to be given a wider viewing. 

We must understand that the political propaganda about the EU is deceitful. Today in parliament our Home Secretary openly admitted that we have lost self determination. Can you imagine if we had read a genuine headline that today 'Douglas Hurd has just signed away your freedom' or 'Today the Queen reneged on her Coronation vows' and it would appear in reality that is what has happened! I know we don't want to hear this...hell my wife does not want to hear it but under the British Constitution this has happened!

Under our traditional laws most of our Parliamentary members could be described as 'traitors'. Their true allegiance is actually to a group of unelected European plutocrats and not to the British public and they call themselves 'modernisers'. The public are now in the grip of the same philosophy which spawned East Germany. We are a one party state (modernisation) backed up by a political police force and a controlled mainstream media led by the BBC (Isvestia).

We have been lulled into this condition by a very well oiled machine which began in Moscow and ended up in Brussels. These people know exactly how to subdue a public and we have allowed it to happen. Nobody wants to protest. We all know that what is happening is wrong and in every living room in the land we secretly grumble but what will force us to forge a future for our kids? What can happen that will make us say 'that is it no more' and are we willing to make it happen before we SERIOUSLY protest?


Oldman said...

I think you are starting to get it. I said a long time ago that it is easier to see from outside. Lyle

bryboy said...

Hello Lyle...yes I've got it and I am trying in my little old way to get the message out to the limited audience who pass by this blog. Tks for your interest.