Monday, 27 February 2012

Greece and the future?

European Union
I would never claim to be knowledgeable on international finance but it never fails to amaze me how wrong those that claim to be seem to get it. Way back in the nineteen seventies almost every western European country seemed to be well placed to face the future. Then someone decided to sign us all up to a Common Market and from that moment on it has been a race to the bottom!

Suddenly we in the UK were hearing about 'wine lakes' and 'butter mountains' where huge surpluses were being stored. Our fishing industry suddenly had competition from Spanish fishermen who with smaller nets were scooping everything out of the North Sea with no regard to the future. Quotas were introduced which all but wrecked the UK fishing industry.

This madness has continued year in year out until now most of the countries trapped inside the European Union have stored up huge debts which they will never be able to service. It is clear that this monstrous political exercise has been devised to make a few people a lot of money.

In the UK we now have a one party political system (and I suspect that the United States is the same) because European 'modernisers' are leading all three of our main parties. At every election they all make promises but then they break those promises and nothing ever changes. That is the reason that we here in the UK will never get a referendum on our membership of the EU because they know what the outcome would be.

This corrupt political system is backed up by a secret organisation called 'Common Purpose' who recruit for the myriad of quangos funded by the EU to carry out the wishes of the EU. Consequently the economies of the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland have all suffered. Every one of these countries owe world bankers eye watering sums of money but the race to the bottom has been clearly won by Greece.

Poor old Greece was never placed to sit side by side with an economic power like Germany and now they are suffering. Don't get me wrong this country was always run like a basket case but it suited the people to dodge paying taxes and take early retirement. Almost every financial expert predicts that Greece will eventually default on its debt so what do the EU leaders do? They are proposing a massive bail out fund which once again is predicted to fail. They will not face the inevitable. Their political experiment, just like the Soviet Union is doomed to fail.

It only remains to be seen how much money it will cost the taxpayer as this tortuous charade continues to affect country after country. They won't go you know because they are very deeply entrenched. Someone will have to 'persuade' them that they are not good for the rest of us!

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