Saturday, 11 February 2012


This really caught my eye because it encapsulates the modern world! The printer will probably complain about the lack of midwives or the birth pain!

It so sums up the modern world!


bewick said...

Bryboy. May not actually be that far away. Someone has apparently created a "3D printer" capable of reproducing any object - including say working engines. Star Trek stuff. It can't really be quite that simple but has been receiving some limited, but less than informative, press coverage.

I do know that as long as 15 years ago it was already possible (I saw it) to create a lifesize model of a device in plastic from a computer controlled machine translating drawings into reality. Indeed many manufacturing processes use something (but very high end and expensive) similar. You saw a less complex version of that in the painting robots in the Picasso adverts.

Ah well, 3 D printers + cloning could provide a constant benefit stream for the never married feckless benefit mothers. The Government may even provide them with the kit totally free. Hah hah.

bryboy said...

The mind boggles Bewick! A machine on every council estate street corner!