Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Absolute Madness!

I have been in Scotland for the past few days attending the enquiry into the death of my son. I have been staying with his close friends so priorities dictate that family and friends come first. We have had a sad time but a great catch up. In the meantime the political circus that we are being  educated to accept as normal is actually in full flow. Let me just highlight the past few days.

A night club bouncer rapes and murders a heavily pregnant woman; he then decides to kill her unborn child and then just to compound the crime he burns her body. His DNA is everywhere so he is as guilty as hell. He is sentenced to a minimum of 35 years in prison which we all know is a misnomer. Under our present sentencing policy he will be out and about before he is 40. This is a clear case for capital punishment and generally the public would support it.

Members of our 'emergency services' are ordered not to try and save a drowning man. They all stand back and watch as the guy drowns! They are paid a good salary to protect the public and yet they are 'ordered' to stand back and...they do it! The Fire Officer  who gave the order clearly works for the EU and should be sacked. The officers are cowards and it proves that if you and I are in trouble don't expect help from the emergency services.

Another splendid result of our mass immigration policy. Will any of these beasts be deported? Don't hold your breath because they will enjoy the luxury of our legal system and then continue laughing at the British public. This photo sums it all up!

Lastly Lyn Homer, who has a track record as long as her arm, has just been appointed head of HMRC.  This woman is so useless she appears to have destroyed almost everything that she has touched! Clearly she is the most modernised of all modernisers. Obviously she is the right person to head an organisation which is completely out of control! Lyn Homer epitomises everything that is wrong with our political system. The scam continues and will continue until you dear people decide that enough is enough!

Oh by the way the most important subject for the PM today seems to have been the sexuality of the professional footballer! They have been unable to find a 'gay' footballer and they wonder why!

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