Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Is this the best he can do?

When I think of the problems that our PM, David Cameron, should be addressing I find it rather strange that he is concentrating his time on booze! Perhaps he should be wondering why the British are drinking so much?

At one time we had regulations which saved binge drinkers from themselves. Our pubs closed at a reasonable hour and outside of the pub we bought our alcohol from off licenses which were regulated. Then along came Tony Blair and sold the British public his continental cafe style culture which has actually ended up with hordes of British kids staggering around the streets all night.

If you want cheap booze then we all head to the supermarkets and seek out the offers. None of it is regulated. Now the PM wants to address the problem which is costing the NHS millions. The issue is that if we regulate alcohol we can end up punishing those who drink recreationally and responsibly.

Perhaps we ahould all carry an alcohol card! If we are treated or arrested on alcohol related charges then our card gets stamped. Three stamps and you are not allowed to buy alcohol for a period of time. I know that opens the door for alcohol card abuse but I believe it would act as a deterrent. If you have 'lost' your card, your licence to drink, and are found inebriated then that would be punishable, not only for you but for the person who bought you the booze.

I personally think that this would also save lives. Some of the young drinker are storing up problems for themselves. I would also like to 'kill' off 'happy hours' which are responsible for so much of the aggro that happens later in the evening. Cheap shots cause cheap shots.

Drunk cells and booze buses will not cure the problem. They will become badges of honour amongst these idiots. We must bring back sensible regulation to this country and not only where alcohol is concerned. We should start with government expenses and government bonuses and when the PM sorts that out (which still has not been addressed) then he can look at the rest of us!  

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Anonymous said...

It's ironic that this load of bollox comes from a former - if not life-long member - of the Bullingdon Club, whose sole purpose was for its members to go on a night out, get pissed off their faces and trash their hosts' premises, in the knowledge that Daddy's allowance would cover the costs.

What a feckin hypocrite.