Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Abu Qatada and the European Union

Abu Qatada
I am alone in deploring the sight of our  Home Secretary standing in front of our national Parliament wringing her hands and confessing that SHE had no poser to defy the European Court in Strasbourg in a case that directly affects national security?  If ever a case illustrates that we have tamely and cowardly handed over our national security to foreign and it has to be said alien powers it is this one.

They are all in this together. These 'modernising' politicians wanted this to happen. They caused it by selling out to Brussels and Strasbourg and now they are embarrassed that their calumny has come back to bite them so publically.

Now even the densest amongst us can understand that we no longer have any say in our national security. It has gone and unless we pull totally out of the European farce it WILL get worse! We should ignore this appalling decision and just deport him. What are they going to do invade us? Personally I doubt if many would care a jot what happens to this horrible little man in Jordan.

At the same time we should emphasise that we did not sign up to the Schengen agreement which allows freedom of movement amongst member countries and once and for all seal our borders against the tide of humanity from Eastern Europe signing on at our benefit agencies. Then we should weed out all those not working and return them from whence they came.

The Home Secretary won't do any of this. She has a public persona to protect but her mock anger does not placate those of us who have thought it through. It does however once again illustrate the need for the British public to be consulted via a referendum. If these evil political modernisers don't get a grip we will one day face a calamity which will affect us all.

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