Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Foreign Aid

Anyone who has read my posts over the years knows that I am implacably against the scam that we label international aid. We have poured billions into this huge black hole much of it I suspect has never reached the intended target. Now at long last one of the recipients of these 'bribes', India, has admitted that they don't need or want this aid as it is demeaning.

Now currently our debt is reported as being one trillion pounds. Annually we pay billions purely in interest so we are borrowing money purely so that we can give it away! This is the economics of insanity. They are debating this subject currently on the 'Wright Stuff' and predictably Lembit Opik, a former MP, supports this colossal waste of resource justifying himself by suggesting that we owe India because of our colonial past. What monstrous rubbish!

How does he justify the money that we give to Russia or China? We, the public are always being told that we must tighten our belts and yet the politicians continue to squander huge sums on dodgy projects. Look at the proposals for a high speed rail link from London to Birmingham. The cost and destruction to the countryside will never justify saving a few minutes on travel for the lucky few who could afford to use it.

When will we breed a politician who recognises common sense?

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