Friday, 10 February 2012

More nonsense from the 'justice' system!

Damilola Taylor was only 10 years old when  he was stabbed by a local thug and bled to death in a stairwell on a Peckham council estate. The police caught his murderers two brothers well known to them and after a series of legal errors they were convicted 6 years later of manslaughter. They received a paltry 8 years in youth detention for a crime which shocked the nation and had homophobic connotations.

One of the brothers Ricky Preddie was then released after only four years (half way can that be right?) but was returned to prison after breaching his release conditions. Now surely that should be that? Surely that should disqualify him for any further early release opportunities? Well no not in the justice system run by Ken Clarke and his 'modernising' chums because Rickie has just been given a second chance to casually wave two fingers at the public. Predictably he repeated his original behaviour and has just been returned yet again to his cell.

Now Damilola's father is asking for a public enquiry into this early release and so he should. What's more we should all be shouting from the rooftops about this nonsense. I want to see if we have any politician worthy of the name who will tackle Clarke head on in the House and demand his resignation now that Preddie has exposed his policies as being useless and a danger to the public.

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