Friday, 24 February 2012

David Cameron

An arch 'moderniser'
I remember when I was growing up I was once told that if you really want to discover the true character of a man then you should take a close look at his friends. The argument being that a man will surround himself with people who will reflect his true character.

Now it has been well documented that our Prime Minister in his youth was a member of the Bullingdon Club which included such prominent political figures like George Osborne and Boris Johnson but then we are all allowed the mistakes of youth. But what about since he became PM?

I was drawn to this by the plight of his 'back to work' tsar, Emma Harrison, who has just resigned for her appoointment after being accused by the press of a string of fraud allegations. This follows his appointment of Andy Coulson, the press officer, closely linked with the phone hacking scandal and his friendship with Rebekah Wade who presided over the News of the World when it was at its 'pomp'!

Then look at his political allies. He appointed Ken Clarke as Justice Minister. Now only someone deeply embedded in the culture of the EU would make such an appointment. Ken Clarke is the last person that should hold such an appointment if the PM was committed to British justice. Then of course we have Nick Clegg who has no right to hold a government appointment if votes were to count. If the people had been given another election instead of a Coalition then I am sure a proper Conservative government would have won the day.

David Cameron knows what the public want because he promised most of it in his election manifesto. Remember the referendum on the EU and the British Bill of Rights? He is conning the British people particularly over the EU. He is totally committed to the EU and is only in his role of PM because he is an arch 'moderniser' who will perpetuate government from Brussels until we get rid of him.

It is no accident that some of his friends appear to be of the 'sleazy' variety. Like Tony Blair he is a very good orator and like Tony Blair he is a slippery character. I suspect we will discover how slippery as he proceeds to get us involved in events in Somalia...a country about as far removed from the UK as Afghanistan was!

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