Monday, 13 February 2012

This disgusting Olympic Committee!

After watching the Channel Four 'Despatches' programme I am completely disgusted. Every aspect of the ticket selling system has been geared so that a few individuals with dodgy reputations can make a killing. I think we all suspected that our Political Class could never manage anything honestly but this is far beyond what I suspected!

I cannot for the life of me understand why the people organising this Olympic Games can form a private company (LOCOG). If nine billion pounds of public money has been pumped in then surely it is the responsibility of the government to protect that money.

To award so, so many of the best AA tickets to just three private companies seems very strange. It almost has to lead to corruption. It is giving sharks carte blanche for a feeding frenzy. The results of course will appear on television when the occupiers of these seats  appear in person. I just hope that 'Despatches' is geared up to expose the people who have bought the legacy that should have belonged to the British people.

One promising swimmer claims to know 200 other competitive swimmers and only one has managed to obtain tickets for....the swimming! What does that say for fair allocation. Lord Coe promised the public that 75% of the tickets would go to the public but in the high profile events that promise has been halved. He should now resign and disappear in disgrace. 

One of the companies that have been allocated these elite AA tickets are also selling access to the Olympic lanes ostensibly guaranteed to transport the athletes and officials to the Olympic Stadium. Did anyone actually believe that if they created a fast lane then the spivs with the money would not endeavour to use them?

Unfortunately it has only confirmed what some of us always suspected. These Games are in the hands of  scum bags. So who is responsible? Well we all know who! Unfortunately he was a wonderful runner and Olympian, a unique freak who will eventually destroy his image and reputation. I do not believe that when so much corruption is clearly evident that someone will not slip up. 

This betrayal of the British public is always bubbling under the surface. We all know it and the culprits are being identified. I reiterate I love the Olympics and I know one competitor, at least I know her family, but I hate how these Games have been used for massive profit. It appears to me that when a major event like this occurs in this modern era in Britain the 'robber barons' converge and at the final of the 100 metres they will all be on show!   


SinxDesigns said...

I watched this too. I knew it was crooked but the level of corruption is staggering.

bryboy said...

I agree and that is what has amazed me. The two people who were set up by the secret camera, one from JetSet and one from Thomas Cook, have both been removed from the scene. Both of them said the same thing independent of each other. I think the public know the truth. This scam however, could save Thomas Cook as a business!
Tks for your interest.

jon gloster said...

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