Saturday, 18 February 2012

Olympic Tickets on sale!

Today the  Daily Mail revealed that 4000 unsold Olympic tickets are going on sale but as ever there is a catch. They have been given to people described as 'American fat cats' who run hospitality packages so that the rich can get to the best events and the agency involved can make a killing. The mark up on these tickets would apparently make the eyes of our own ticket touts water. A further 3000 tickets have been allocated to a sister company for sale in Australia.

Ever since the Olympic tickets went on sale the system has been convuluted and secretive. Every ploy has been used to mask what is actually happening. Nobody can access the truth because amazingly, LOCOG, who control the allocation of tickets, is a private company. So much public money involved and utterly no accountability.

This scandal began by being shambolic but as each day passes it is becoming sinister. As usual the politicians have taken every advantage to line their pockets. I suspect that the truth will eventually emerge but by then the thieves will be back undercover. We are being taken for a ride and I'm clearly not the only person who thinks so.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the truth about those 4000 tickets is slightly different to what the papers said. Cosport had those 4000 tickets allocated to the expensive packages for the rich for months, but they weren't shifting. With the added pressure of the Dispatches show (on tickets for the rich), they decided to move those 4000 tickets away from packages for the rich to direct individual sales. This offer came one day after Dispatches aired. That meant that the tickets were then offered at a "mere" 20 percent over face value (the most they can legally charge as a sales fee over the face value), which is the same price all ticket buyers all over the world have to pay buying from their own Olympic committees (only if you buy direct from LOCOG do you pay no sales fee). All the best of the 4000 tickets were snapped up instantly by the public in the know (I missed out on the cycling, gymnastics and tennis offerings as I was watching telly when they came on sale). However, please note that if anyone is interested in more obscure sports, you can still get on the site and pay to see Team GB in the Taekwondo for 72 euros (£60) a ticket, or you stretch to Beach Volleyball Round of 16 at Horseguards Parade for 121 euros (£100) per ticket. Steve.

SAB said...

Hmmm? Beach volleyball may have its perks :-)

jon gloster said...

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