Monday, 27 February 2012

Endemic Corruption!

Many of we bloggers began our protest blogs because we recognised that honesty in our UK society had been overtaken by endemic corruption. This can be linked to the rise of the European Union. I would go further because I would suggest that the corruption which is exposed daily is almost unstoppable.

Today the family of singer Charlotte Church received compensation of £600,000 from News International and this is ongoing! On Sunday, News International, launched their new paper the 'Sun on Sunday' which was a just a mirror image of the 'News of the World'. News International is such a powerful influence that they can 'bribe' all their 'victims' with 'compensation' but it does not conceal that they have been engaged in criminal activity.

Today at the Leveson enquiry in London Asst Commissioner Sue Akers of the Metropolitan Police exposed the link between the press and the police but she also exposed another sinister link between the police and public servants which up until now has not been revealed.

If Sue Akers is an 'honest copper' then I worry for her health. If she is chasing corruption in the police then she will face a huge malign opposition. To tell you the truth I am amazed that an 'honest copper' has been allowed to travel that far up the ladder. The influence of 'Common Purpose' is particularly prevalent in the police.

The proprietors of News International appear to have allowed their employees to commit breaches of the law. The fact that they are willy nilly paying off the victims of their illegal activity is evidence of their profligacy. What we need is for someone to refuse the money and demand a what about John Prescott? He was wronged! He is a socialist! He will bat for the people. Good old John will never accept blood money from the capitalists when he has them on toast? Yeah right! (He is currently on Newsnight! Blah blah!)

It is quite clear that criminality has taken place. Someone senior at News International has apparently sanctioned that criminality. It now appears that the heart of our democratic system is at risk. We bloggers know that to be true. We all know that corruption is endemic in our so called democratic society but the guilty cannot be brought to court.

Look at Tony Blair! He took us to war on a false premise. His kitchen cabinet apparently cooked up the case for a war in Iraq. Since then he has been brought before enquiry after enquiry and according to the press he just bats them away but we all know what actually happened. Until we insist that a member of the New World Order appears in court and faces charges then it will continue... but then apparently even our court system is illegal and only applies to the vulnerable.  

Charlotte you should not have accepted the money you should have taken them to court! Until someone has the guts to face down these corporate empires and get one of them jailed then we are all at risk. 

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