Wednesday, 15 February 2012

How can anyone justify this?

As most of you know I often despair at the state of our Justice system. It is most definitely skewed towards the criminal. We seem to have acquired a group of the most liberal judges anywhere in the world headed by a Lord Chief Justice Judge described as Britain's most senior judge.

This judge has just presided over a case reported by the press as utterly horrific. The criminal is 21 years of age and clearly a danger to children. Only the most depraved would act like he did. He was sentenced to life which we all know under British justice is a misnomer. In reality he received 15 years with a considerable chunk off for good behaviour. He could be out on the streets again long before his sex drive diminishes and someone as rotten as this is almost bound to repeat his behaviour as he has a string of offences to his name already.

So does the judge think of the children or the parents of the children? Well I am sure that you can all anticipate the answer because as always seems to happen in these cases he has reduced the sentence even further by 18 months! The reason? So that other paedophiles would be encouraged to plead guilty! What arrant nonsense...they will plead guilty now that they know they will receive such a bloody light sentence!

It was the responsibility of this senior judge to protect the public. He has singularly failed to do this. He is allowing this dangerous young man another chance to inflict himself on other unsuspecting youngsters in the future. One day it just might be the grandchildren of the judge who are the victims !


bewick said...

Might I suggest that you read the blog of a working Police Inspector
Illuminating.Having reviewed, as a consultant, 3 different Police Forces over 20 years ago I can see how badly thingt have changed. I REDUCED paperwork and improved procedures. Seems that since then Governments have reversed that.
Inspector "Gadget" has published a book - Perverting the Course of Justice. It can be had from Amazon as an ebook for £2. You don't actually need a Kindle because Amazon will provide the software to read on a PC.
It confirmed my worst fears and confirmed what I already thought. It will for you too.

bryboy said...

Tks for that tip I will look into it. As you know I do fear for our dismal justice system. I have heard of the Inspector Gadget blog but never visited it. I will rectify that now.