Tuesday, 31 August 2010

William Hague... very vague...!

I am captivated by the battle that Guido Fawkes is waging against the Foreign Secretary William Hague who Guido is convinced is homosexual. Now in this day and age it is almost suicidal to criticise anyone who claims to be 'gay' but in this case the Foreign Secretary has employed his 'driver' on the public purse. Now this appointment has been made even though this very young man apparently has no relevant qualifications apart from, of course, he is a very personal friend of the boss.

William Hague is married (no kids). He is one of the most respected politicians in the new government but he is denying what Guido has unearthed which makes his position untenable. If he has employed his 'driver' on the public purse purely on the basis of a personal relationship then he has no case. I have personal views on the homosexual community but frankly I don't give a damn about what they do in private. What I really object to is the so called 'gay' community pretending to be straight! Why?

I fear for the future of the Foreign Secretary. Guido is obviously onto something. I suspect that we will soon have a statement. What a shame that Hague the Vague appears to have been unable to contain himself and what about his poor wife...! How many more of our MPs are hiding secrets?

Mind you if they uphold the EU then what can we expect because that is the biggest con of all times. The fact that Guido thinks that William Hagus is cheating on his wife with a man is very small beer compared to the scandal that he supports the unaudited EU.

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