Monday, 30 August 2010

The European Union

Ever since I began this blog I have been implacable in my criticism of the European Union. I cannot for the life of me see any possible reason for a European Superstate and I believe that the British people have been hijacked into a membership that most neither want or need. The existence of the unaudited political conglomorate, which is supported by the vast majority of our mainstream politicians is indefensible. Why do we contribute to an organisation which has to be deemed illegal because it cannot face an audit?

Why pretend that we require audit procedures in every other walk of public life and yet ignore them for the convenience of the EU? How come that our top European politician, Baroness Ashton, has never faced an election. She was appointed by Gordon Brown and yet retains her position even though our government has changed hands? How come none of the political parties will allow the British people a say on this nonsense?

Every party that stands up and declares itself anti-EU is slaughtered by the mainstream media. However nobody ever explains why their 'baby' cannot face an auditor and now we have even more problems. A new European edict has recently landed on our doorsteps called the European Arrest Warrant. Our Foreign Secretary, Theresa May has also supported the EAW by signing us up to European Investigation Order. This now means that any European Police Forces can extradite any British citizen on any trumped up charge and we have to play along.

You don't believe me? Well pop across to Iain Dale's Diary and read the story of what the Greek Police are currently doing to a young British holidaymaker. Poor Old Iain Dale...he is the chairman of the David Cameron fan club, a fully paid up dyed in the wool member of the Tory party. He has been trying to be adopted as an MP for some years but keeps getting rejected. Now I sense that he has suddenly realised that all is not well. The people who he supported and trusted are starting to disappoint him.

Until our politicians can explain why they support this raddled excuse for a political assembly then I will continue to question it. Possibly when political commentators like Iain Dale also begin to question the inconsistencies of European Law then one day we may get someone of real substance to start hollering 'foul'. In the meantime it will have to be me and the many hundreds of bloggers who agree with me who draw your attention to the loss of our sovereignty.

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Julian said...

I totally agree. There are few things that annoy me more than the vast waste of money that is the EU. Unfortunately, like I suspect most of the electorate, I didn't feel annoyed enough at the time to actually vote UKIP, which would be about out only hope of getting out of it. If the British public was given a chance to vote on what it thought of the EU, I'd bet more than half would feel we'd be better off out of it. But who will give us that chance?